Sunday, 6 March 2011

Is Print Dead?

So that time in my life has come where I need to start writing my dissertation. Well kind of. I'm currently writing my research project which will blossom into my dissertation next year, so I really need to get on with it and stop playing super mario on the wii, especially as I have a one-on-one tutorial with my tutor tomorrow...

My research question intends on exploring whether print fashion magazines are dead or if they have a place in our future. So I've started reading a BOOK called 'Print is Dead - Books in Our Digital Age' which is a PRINTED book all about how print is a waste and how pages are cages for words. A little contradictory, but I digress. Another piece of literature that caught my eye was an old article in Pop Magazine from the then editor Dasha Zhukova in which she explains print is not dead, but just needs to coincide with technology.

‘With environmental concerns and demand for faster turnover, the shift from print to online is inevitable for many publications. However, art and fashion magazines serve a more aesthetic purpose than an informative one. It is the beauty of the layouts, the quality of the design, the feel of the paper, all the tactile sensations that make these publications worth buying. These magazines (epecially those that are bi-annual) are collector's items of sorts, visual time capsules of the period in which they are published. Since this does not and cannot translate to the web, those magazines worth holding on to should be around for years to come. And ideally, technological advances will actually spur more creativity, more innovation, and thus better magazines.’

Innnnneresting. Very Inneresting

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